Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Upcoming Projects

me and my ace boon since the 5th grade, Mista Chaos, will finally be recording our second album as The Junkeez.

the first album, detox(yes, long B4 Dre decided to call his forever delayed album that) came out 100 years ago back in 2001. the new album, rehab(of course) will be out early 2009 and the songs we have so far are the shit. yes, i'm biased but they really are the shit. check em out:
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our longtime Hunnedspokes(now beatjones inc......holla!) group member Mizzat is also on the album and provides some production(that's him on the third verse of "Life is a Five Letter Word").
so be on the lookout for The on an MP3 player near u.

also on the horizon is The Jungle's new album Superamazing. if u know anything about The Jungle then u know 2 expect the unexpected. its rock. its hip-hop. its bangin'. check out the preview:
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also be on the lookout 4 my protege Gimme's mixtape Gimme Got Got. he's one of the most lyrical new cats out there and ur guaranteed 2 hit rewind when u listen 2 him. i'll be providing some production and the whole beatjones fam will lend a hand on the project.

and if my stamina holds out, be on the lookout 4 two movies/videos/low-budget bootlegs this year. i can't tell u what they're about but they're tight. trust me.

i'm gonna be ranting about the future of hip-hop on my next post so be prepared.

and brush ya teeth, ppl.

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