Thursday, October 21, 2010


You ever had a dream? Something that you would walk to the end of the earth to see come true? I'm no different. I wake up everyday and get the feeling that I'm not where I should be. I have dreamed of greatness since I was four years old. I have a constant fear of failure. I see many of my peers living their dreams and feel envious. I have worked damn hard and haven't seen that work result in fulfillment. I have recorded hundreds of songs and give them away for free but most of you haven't heard them. I am my own audience and it often depresses me. Not in a suicidal sense but it affects me in a very dark and negative way. I type these words knowing that no one will read them. I pour my heart and soul into my music only to miss my mark. I am the invisible man and all I want to do is be heard. I know in my heart that I have what it takes and if given a real chance, I could be the biiggest rapper in the world. I fear no man....only failure.