Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


You ever had a dream? Something that you would walk to the end of the earth to see come true? I'm no different. I wake up everyday and get the feeling that I'm not where I should be. I have dreamed of greatness since I was four years old. I have a constant fear of failure. I see many of my peers living their dreams and feel envious. I have worked damn hard and haven't seen that work result in fulfillment. I have recorded hundreds of songs and give them away for free but most of you haven't heard them. I am my own audience and it often depresses me. Not in a suicidal sense but it affects me in a very dark and negative way. I type these words knowing that no one will read them. I pour my heart and soul into my music only to miss my mark. I am the invisible man and all I want to do is be heard. I know in my heart that I have what it takes and if given a real chance, I could be the biiggest rapper in the world. I fear no man....only failure.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well The Job Application series isn't going as planned. Not that this is a bad thing, it just means that I've retooled my approapproach. I'm still dropping THE JOB APPLICATION but I'm following that up with three Mixtape EPs: ADVENTURES IN LAMDA LAMDA LAMDA, REAL GENIUS and ME AND MY KEYBOARD(tentative title).

My influences are over the place with these projects so be warned. I'm on some other shit hahaha. But its still gonna be dope. With KEYBOARD I'm going back to original production. I haven't done this since the early 2000s so I'm getting the rust off but I'm proud of the few tracks I've done so far. My work ethic is bananas.

Maybe I'll post some tracks this weekend. Or maybe I'll just get a McFlurry and call it a day. Word

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Since Everybody Else Does This.......

I have a ton of these coming lol balls deep

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mixtapes, You Say?

The schedule for my upcoming mixtapes:

"The Job Application"(May 31, 2010)
Available here and

"The Job Application 2: Death and Taxes"(June 26, 2010)
Available here and

"The Job Application 3: Early Retirement"(July 30, 2010)
Available her and

You say too much, too soon? I say me no give shit.

Balls Deep

Balls Deep

I suck at blogging. I freely admit this fact. Not that I feel my content is bullshit...oh, no no no. Its the fact that I blog like a woman's period-once a month. But I facebook like a mofo. I'm a facebook pimp. I'm checking it like 2000 times a day. But for whatever reason I don't post as much here. Maybe its because I feel I'm talking to myself. Whatever, right?

But here I am, like some ex-boyfriend who can't let go. I NEED this blog. Its mine and no one can take it from me. If I want to post a pic of Alicia Tyler's fine ass, I can. Word to Google Images.

I had a very productive trip to the ATL a couple weeks ago that led to some promising options. My boy Terrence put a nigga ON. He's going to blow.....I'll put money on it. Be on the lookout for "I Want Your Love" featuring this humble blogger. Shameless plug? Fuck it, I'm hungry.

I have my terrorists for the weekend so I won't really get any new shit up until Sunday Night but I promise fireworks. New shit, new direction, same ol' G. Word to Ginuwine.

All 6 of my fans know the drill: several mixtapes in the next few months. But this time I'm following that with my first actual full length studio album. AND I'm getting professional muscians, producers and engineers to assist me in making a classic.

I'm all in. I'm dedicated. I'm focused. Balls deep. No halfassedness.

Friday, May 7, 2010


sorry 'bout that.


Friday, March 26, 2010

I need a miracle/I need my prayers answered/
cuz self doubt likes to spread like the worst cancer/
Do you know how it feels/to be great at what you do but can't seem to catch a deal?/
I dedicated myself to follow all my dreams/even though common sense tells me its not all it seems/
I feel alone in my battle, I'm a lonely soldier/hardly ever sober bad thoughts are taking over/
Everything is colder on the other side/and if I miss this bus there's not another ride/
This is my one shot deal to truly end up happy/cuz there are too many days I'm emotionally crappy/
For lack of better words, I'll try to use some better verbs/my hearts in the right place, I never put that cheddar first/
I hope that people stay true and holla at their boy/just to get an audience will bring a little joy/

Just a little something I'm working on.........balls deep

I'm The Sugar Honey Ice Tea

The SHIT essentially =p

A little self motivation never hurt anybody. I need it now more than ever. I'm a fairly confident individual on most every subject. But lately I've been experiencing some self doubt. Most of it is self inflicted but lately some "friends" have contributed. I don't know what I did but some cats have begun to act extra flaky.

Fuck em, I say. My train has started moving and I've been making some moves. I reached out to some folks(some against my better judgement) and they spit on my hand. Its cool, homie. Do you.

But karma bites everybody in the ass at some point. That's more honest than Jesus.

Pelotas Hondo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unemployment Line

I've been on a recording blitz these past few weeks in preparation to the Atlanta road trip. Now my body of work has a name: THE JOB APPLICATION Vol 1 and 2. I've been putting in some heavy work with this one. Plus, I'm getting the fam back together for this one. Mista Chaos, Mizzat and Big Herb are all getting down with me.

We have a ton of new shit planned for this year(which I'll fill you in on later) that will be similar to my Seven Soldiers series from last year entitled THE GLOBAL FREQUENCY.

Get reaquainted with the beatjones gang.......

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dream B.I.G

I found out recently that one of my homeboys is knee deep in the music biz. I'll be in the ATL this May to do some serious networking. I pray that this time is for real.

The System Sucks

I haven't been blogging. I have let down all five of my followers. =p

I'm heading to Dayton to handle some legal issues. Yeah, I'm officially a rapper with a court record! Yeah baby! Hahaha

I'm seriously going to take care of a court fee from 12 years ago. Oh least I'm back in my old stomping grounds. New music coming tonight.....balls deep.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back From The Dead

....on some ol' MJ Thriller shit. new mixtape. sorry for the delays......