Friday, May 21, 2010

Mixtapes, You Say?

The schedule for my upcoming mixtapes:

"The Job Application"(May 31, 2010)
Available here and

"The Job Application 2: Death and Taxes"(June 26, 2010)
Available here and

"The Job Application 3: Early Retirement"(July 30, 2010)
Available her and

You say too much, too soon? I say me no give shit.

Balls Deep

Balls Deep

I suck at blogging. I freely admit this fact. Not that I feel my content is bullshit...oh, no no no. Its the fact that I blog like a woman's period-once a month. But I facebook like a mofo. I'm a facebook pimp. I'm checking it like 2000 times a day. But for whatever reason I don't post as much here. Maybe its because I feel I'm talking to myself. Whatever, right?

But here I am, like some ex-boyfriend who can't let go. I NEED this blog. Its mine and no one can take it from me. If I want to post a pic of Alicia Tyler's fine ass, I can. Word to Google Images.

I had a very productive trip to the ATL a couple weeks ago that led to some promising options. My boy Terrence put a nigga ON. He's going to blow.....I'll put money on it. Be on the lookout for "I Want Your Love" featuring this humble blogger. Shameless plug? Fuck it, I'm hungry.

I have my terrorists for the weekend so I won't really get any new shit up until Sunday Night but I promise fireworks. New shit, new direction, same ol' G. Word to Ginuwine.

All 6 of my fans know the drill: several mixtapes in the next few months. But this time I'm following that with my first actual full length studio album. AND I'm getting professional muscians, producers and engineers to assist me in making a classic.

I'm all in. I'm dedicated. I'm focused. Balls deep. No halfassedness.

Friday, May 7, 2010


sorry 'bout that.