Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Caved In....

....and joined facebook. as if i'm not on them thar internets enough already.

oh well....
Cuban Linx II!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mister Miracle--The Leak

(the final version is still better but...) i present to all six of my followers this "leak" as a token of my gratitude.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Almost G.O.A.T.S

i was watching this "where are they now?" feature on athletes who had the potential to be the greatest at their sports but injuries/death/off field problems hit the breaks on their careers. it got me thinking of the same thing from a hip-hop perspective.

now, i didn't include Pac, Biggie, Big L, Pun or any other of our fallen soldiers for obvious reasons. i stuck with those who are still breathing this polluted air we call oxygen.


ricky could have been the best ever. he was our first "hipster". spare me the De La Soul rhetoric. he was witty, charismatic, dressed like he was going to a 25 and older nightclub and talked with a slight British accent. as far as storytelling and swag(God, i hate that word)goes, he was unmatched. his debut, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, is a classic. from "Lick the Balls" to "Children's Story" to "The Moment I Feared", each track stands up even today.

as Hip-Hop fans(should)know, ricky's career came to a screeching halt when he was jailed for shooting his cousin in self defense. the game moved on without him and when he was in the middle of a good comeback(those Outkast collabs were fire), INS stepped in a deported him back to merry ol' England.

green card in tow now, ricky's planning another comeback. hope it sticks this time.


hands down, my favorite group ever. they also are responsible for my favorite Hip-Hop album of all time, Dead Serious. no one sounded like them before but everyone sounded like them after(Lords of the Underground, anyone?). Ice Cube was such a fan that he invited them to guest on his Predator album and even switched his flow on a few tracks to resemble Das'. they were grimy and their wordplay was off the chain.

a severe case of biterphobia caused them to completely switch up their flow for their sophomore album, Str8 Up Sewaside. while the album was solid, fans were wanting more of "They Want EFX' and "Mic Checka". EPMD's ugly divorce didn't help matters and Das quietly faded away after their third LP, Hold It Down. they're still big overseas and folks here are still bumpin' Dead Serious. hopefully we can get more of that magic.


perhaps the saddest of all stories here is the D.O.C's. he was where Snoop and Eminem were-the protege of Dr. Dre. his debut, No One Can Do It Better, is a classic. "Is It Funky Enough" and "The Formula" are two of the greatest songs the world has ever known. he was a writing machine who brought a wealth of lyricism to the West Coast N.W.A family.

his career was cut too short after a severe car accident which left his vocal cords permanently damaged. his baritone was replaced with a scraggly whisper and h was regulated to ghost writer duties. he recorded a new album, Helter Skelter, which was actually quite good once you got over his voice. but it wasn't the same.


oh, Canibus. the word "potential" should have his picture next to it in the dictionary. he was hailed as the future of Hip-Hop in 98. he alone was to guide us out of the shiny suit era and fill the void of Pac and Biggie. he slaughtered beats by the pound with his intelligent wordplay and gruff voice. he was signed to(whitehot at the time)Wyclef's production company and was poised for greatness...

...then he decided to beef with LL Cool J.
then Wyclef.
then Eminem.
then he went to the army.
then he came back.
then he disappeared again.
then he sorta, kinda reappeared.

(((sigh)))like i said, "potential".


hands down, the greatest female MC of all time(getting ready for the boos and hisses lol).
Boss was rare. she was so gangsta yet so cute. Da Brat was too colorful and Kriss Kross-like. Latifah was too serious. Lyte was looking for a "ruffneck" at the time, comforming to what was hot at the time. but Boss was just so different. "Recipe of a Hoe", "Progress of Elimination" and "Deeper" weren't like any song you had heard from a female rapper at the time. this little light skinned chick stole Eazy E's wardrobe, spit gangsta shit and proceeded to kill the game. she was part of that Warren G/Onyx/Def Jam revival that was going on during Death Row's monopolization of the industry. and she did her damn thing.

IDK how exactly she fell off. she did a song for the Mi Vida Loca soundtrack and dis-a-fuckin-ppeared. no reason was given. she reappeared in Dallas, working as a DJ for a radio station and dropped hints that she was coming back out but no further word was given.


there's not much i can say about X that you don't already know. he was a MEGAstar from 98-2001. he was the first artist of any genre to have two #1 albums in the same year. he did what Canibus was supposed to do---restore the grime and dirt to Hip-Hop. he barked and growled and scowled and prayed his way into becoming one of the most endearing artists this side of Tupac.

his legal and drug problems hindered his career and even to this day he's fighting charges. he's threatened to leave the game alltogether and become a preacher...and it doesn't seem that farfetched when you consider who he is. i hope he gets it all together because Hip-Hop needs X. we just do.

i know that there are others who deserve to be on this list but these are the stand-outs.
if your favorite isn't here, don't take it to heart. im just a rapper/blogger....not a credible journalist =)


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Post S3 Projects

now that S3 is almost finished, i can go back to a more sane level of recording =]


10 song mixtape featuring Gimme

i owe it to him. the man has more patience than Gandhi lol
plus i can concentrate more on production with this feature. Gimme will be doing most of the vocal work. i'm trying to get Mizzat on this one as well.

Adventures in Lambda Lambda Lambda
8 song EP

this was supposed to be a part of S3 but the more i worked on it, the more it just didn't fit. its perfect as a stand-alone album. its funny as fuck too.

Real Genius
8 song EP

another scrapped S3 mixtape. fans of the movie will love this one. the main thing about lambda and genius is that they follow a theme and stick with it. thats why they're short. i didn't want to give them a chance to wander. i have a specific plan for these mixtapes.

C n C Muzik Factory
12 song album
produced by and featuring Mizzat

i'm GEEKED about this one. this is the album me and Chris should have recorded a long time ago. it's gonna be dope. nuff said.

thats what else i hope to cram into 2009. Gimme, Mizzat and Mista Chaos will be dropping new music as well so keep your eyelids rolled north.


Mister Miracle Update(kind of...)

well its crunchtime now, ppl. Mister Mircle will be dropping in ten days and i'm working with twenty two songs so far. i was thinking about splitting the project into two mixtapes but decided against it. i will, however, be dropping a double mixtape for the last installment of the Seven Soldiers series (or S3), entitled Frankenstein. yeah, i'm weird. but its gonna be tight. trust me.

anybody who directs videos, holla@ya boy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Midget Porn

so i was hollerin@my homegirl, Chelle about some promotional opportunities when the topic of porn came up. porn is a great thing when used in moderation. but i like my porn like i like my weed--regular.

no animals, no chix with dix, and no midgets.

how that correlates with my new music project is beyond me but....
...i have a new project coming out =]
dropping June 22nd.

i'm in one of my writing frenzies so be prepared.
off to din-din now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

When I Wanna Give Up I Watch This

the best who ever did it

On to Actual Music Related Blogging

the new album/mixtape/body of work is gonna be SICK.

Jack's Favorite Mixtape is dropping next week(5-6-09). no spoilers. no leaks. no previews. i'm back on my B.S. and i've got a new target of my wrath. i almost feel sorry for this individual(and no, its not my babymama. that's a whole 'nother mixtape).


R.I.P: My "Relationship" with my babymama

i guess you win some, you lose some. me, i'll be getting drunk and hollerin at every cute female i see.

but i ain't bitter or nothin lol

Friday, April 10, 2009


i figured i might as well actually, you know, blog on my blog.
my deal is that i have a lot to say but it comes in spurts. i might check my blog everyday and still only manage to post two or three times a month lol

imma sports junkee and spend a lot of time on Rivals, ESPN, CBS Sportsline and, my personal favorite,, incidentally, gave me the idea to start curt is blogging). so most of my random needs to see something i've typed online are met arguing about college athletics, Lebron vs Kobe(ya'll are seriously sleeping on D-Wade) and whether a spread-option offense could work in the NFL.

in my defense, however, i've been recording a shitload of music these past few months. switching gears and talking sports helps keep my brain from melting. seriously.

i figured instead of talking about every aspect of my being, i'll touch up on the current events in hip-hop culture.


guess who's back? back again....
Em's back, he's still rhyming his ass off and he's got a new single that brings back good feelings(anyone frontin on "Without Me" just sucks. i have no holla for you).
Dre supposedly produced damn near the whole thing so we know that part of it's covered. but in a world where Wayne is king, can the blonde(now brunette) bomber strike again to reclaim what was his?

ummmm....yeah, dummy. his fanbase is, like, everybody.
this one's gonna be a slam dunk. i'm excited to hear his new joints.


fuck whatcha heard. Biggie vs Pac? bigger. Jay-Z vs Nas? bigger. 50 vs everybody else he's battled? much bigger.

this is what i want from a beef. pure unadulterated entertainment. i don't want shoot-outs, stabbings, jail and death. those suck.

50 vs Ross has it all: cartoons, pornos, endless interviews, social networking sites, creepy photoshopped pictures of kids and videos of the opposition's mother asleep, 50 in a wig, Ross in a cop uniform and of course, actual music.

i'm glad it ain't over because its better than anything on TV right now.


Candace Parker is the illest. seriously. has there ever been a female hooper as fine as her? go ahead, i'll wait. i don't care if she's twelve feet taller than me, she's fiine.

what's that? what did you say? she'll beat a B!%c#'s ass too?

that settles it. it's a wrap. i'm in full stalker mode now.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If you die first, i'mma sing at your funeral


off to work now. yay, go me.

2 More Days.......

until Superamazing! drops. as my four faithful readers know, this is the first of seven mixtapes that i'll be dropping over the next three months. word to Weezy Hamilton =] they will all be available at and on this blog.

i'm amped for this. i've been doing nothing but working(death to the 9 to 5!!!!!), writing music and taking care of my lil terrorists(Disney On Ice is that Sugar Honey Ice Tea). if you liked My Dope Is Doper Than Your Dope, you'll love the next seven mixtapes. and remember to pay close attention because all my music ties together to tell one big story.

now, go and spread the love that is Curtis.

and brush ya teeth.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Upcoming Projects..and I DO mean projectSSSSSS

word to Grant Morrison.

seven albums/mixtapes/bodies of work in 3 months? you damn right.

i don't think i've ever challenged myself like i'm doing right now. musically, anyway. i'm telling one big-ass story over 7 albums worth of material and i'm giving it all away for free.

now please don't think that i'm going to put any trash i think of out with hopes of flooding the market. i mean, sure, i'll get a buzz going and all but this is a personal goal for me. i'm past the point of trying to impress people. but if you're not scared of new ideas then , by all means, continue to play along.

seven musicians(all played by....drum roll.....ME!) are picked to create the world's greatest album....without ever meeting each other. i know that in today's e-mailed verses society that doesn't seem that far-fetched but bear with me. each musician has no clue about the other's existence or involvement, so the pressure of competition is gone. and we're left with seven interpretations of the same story. it's hard to explain but its really quite simple. i wanted to create Hip-Hop's first metaseries and test my creativity.

so get ready for The Seven Soldiers Series:

the first mixtape to the series focuses on T.A.Z and his desires to get this project off the ground. this album is str8 up ME. my thoughts, my life, my decisions. everyone from Bill Withers to Fergie to Sonic will stop by and help the first soldier to find his mark. peep the plot twist at the


more to come....


more to come....


more to come....


more to come....


more to come....


more to come....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i can do this on my phone? sweeeet

T-Mobile has yet to realize the power that they've given me......

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

it just seems like the perfect V-Day album when you're a single father =]
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Friday, February 13, 2009

.....Because today is February 13th

new track. enjoy
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Early In The Morning

word to the Gap Band(it's an Oklahoma thing)

i'm about to get started on another track. i have no idea what it'll be about and what beat i'm going use but it'll be the shit.
the shit you say?
yes, the shit.

outside of that, i'mma be working on improving this blog. i'mm thinking about starting a social networking site like Myspace. let me know what you think.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is Chis Brown Gonna Have To Choke A Bitch?!?

word to Wayne Brady.

damn, Chris. you were the last wholesome dude we had left.

Upon Further Review: My Dope Is Doper than Your Dope PART 1

i had been working on this album for a year. seriously. the original title was Hellogoodbye. then i hit a wall and decided to focus on a new Junkeez album. then me and Mista Chaos' schedules conflicted so that plan had to be 86ed. this album didn't have the running theme of Child Support's Kicking My Ass so i could record more sparsely. over the next few days i'll give ya'll a peek inside my thought process of making this mixtape/album.

1. Quixiotic Trance

the original opening song, "LeBron James", didn't come out like i wanted so i scrapped it for this track(just recorded last Saturday). i know the real word is Quixotic but i just liked the extra syllable lol
i've always loved Digable Planets. their first two albums were so dope to me back in the day. i always wanted to flow to "Pacifics" but i could never figure out a hook as live as the original's. its a simple sample of "New York is RED HOT" over and over again but i ain't from New York so that idea was over before it started.
another song i've always loved(and is my favorite Kanye beat. yes....more than Jesus Walks, Golddigger and Takeover)is Alecia Keys' "You Don't Know My Name". the version i sampled isn't Alicia's however. a girl named Ashley Serrano (whom i've never met)is the voice you hear.
she's amazing. YouTube neo-Aretha Franklins and hipster rappers before hipster rap was called hipster rap sounds like a weed song to me. ha!

2. A Long Time featuring Mista Chaos
this song means so much to me because Chaos is the first person i ever rapped with. we've been best friends since the 6th grade. the song just fits from title on down because we have been doing this for a long time. we actually wrote this the night before we went to the studio. he was in town for a few days so we took advantage of the time. my boy G.I. Joe made the beat. he's a real cool cat. he's deep into the church but his favorite music is anything Lox-related lol

3. A New 12 Months
this is another song that i've been wanting to do for a while. the pinball machine song was my favorite thing from Sesame Street when i was a kid. it was just so funky. "1-2-3-4-5..6-7-8-9-10...11-12". that was my shit. =]

i think its pretty fair to say i'll rhyme to anything. Steely Dan, Hank Williams Sr., Erykah Badu or Run DMC, it doesn't matter.

4. I'm Cool
2mindz did the beat. its just about rhyming. i got the hook from a debate i get into with a lot of younger smokers. they always wanna roll up all the weed in one blunt, smoking stogies. i never saw the point in that. once i reach that degree, i'm cool lol

5.Life Is A 5 Letter Word featuring Mizzat
2mindz again on the track. i recorded my part and e-mailed it to Mizzat. he added his verse and cleaned it up. thats one of the most discussed songs when the mixtape is brought up. i was really going through it with my girl at the time and nothing seemed to be going right in my life. 2008 was a long-ass year for me.

6.Four Twenty
another weed song =]
Mista Chaos got me hip to Les Nubian a while ago. he had the CD so i chopped it up and did my thing. i was real real happy with how this one came out.

7. Before This Evening Let's Out

the club-party song. i wrote that a loooooooooonnnng time ago and never put it to anything. i like this track because this isn't a fast-paced, hyper album. this song kinda fills a void.

8. Hellogoodbye featuring Mista Chaos
another song written the night before we went to the studio. G.I. Joe on the beat. this is that big stadium sound that a lot of rappers like. this was originally going to be the last song i ever did. lol you can't "retire" from what you love. God gave me the ability to do this and i love doing this. i'll be rhyming till i'm 99 1/2!