Saturday, June 6, 2009

Post S3 Projects

now that S3 is almost finished, i can go back to a more sane level of recording =]


10 song mixtape featuring Gimme

i owe it to him. the man has more patience than Gandhi lol
plus i can concentrate more on production with this feature. Gimme will be doing most of the vocal work. i'm trying to get Mizzat on this one as well.

Adventures in Lambda Lambda Lambda
8 song EP

this was supposed to be a part of S3 but the more i worked on it, the more it just didn't fit. its perfect as a stand-alone album. its funny as fuck too.

Real Genius
8 song EP

another scrapped S3 mixtape. fans of the movie will love this one. the main thing about lambda and genius is that they follow a theme and stick with it. thats why they're short. i didn't want to give them a chance to wander. i have a specific plan for these mixtapes.

C n C Muzik Factory
12 song album
produced by and featuring Mizzat

i'm GEEKED about this one. this is the album me and Chris should have recorded a long time ago. it's gonna be dope. nuff said.

thats what else i hope to cram into 2009. Gimme, Mizzat and Mista Chaos will be dropping new music as well so keep your eyelids rolled north.


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