Friday, March 26, 2010

I need a miracle/I need my prayers answered/
cuz self doubt likes to spread like the worst cancer/
Do you know how it feels/to be great at what you do but can't seem to catch a deal?/
I dedicated myself to follow all my dreams/even though common sense tells me its not all it seems/
I feel alone in my battle, I'm a lonely soldier/hardly ever sober bad thoughts are taking over/
Everything is colder on the other side/and if I miss this bus there's not another ride/
This is my one shot deal to truly end up happy/cuz there are too many days I'm emotionally crappy/
For lack of better words, I'll try to use some better verbs/my hearts in the right place, I never put that cheddar first/
I hope that people stay true and holla at their boy/just to get an audience will bring a little joy/

Just a little something I'm working on.........balls deep

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