Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas

Christmas was real cool this year. my family came from Dayton to visit and i actually got gifts this year lol

i also began brainstorming on a new album. My Dope Is Doper Than Your Dope will be out next month. i think you'll dig the first single, "Lebron James". i've been writing more than usual(and for those that know me, thats saying something)and getting beats from all over the country. imma figure out how u can get the free download from this page. the only price to pay will be your opinion of the album.

On To "that's fucked up" News
one of my beat files became corrupted and deleted a shit load of music-including the original version of "Lebron James". but a lot of The Jungle's music and several Junkeez instrumentals are gone.

also, the demo is dead. R.I.P

Martian VS The Juggernaut
i guess 50 Cent did get under Lil Wayne's skin. after Weezy shrugged off 50's taunts and had the biggest year of his career a "leaked" dis song comes to light.

my opinion?

chicken fajitas are tasty.


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