Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hip Hop: The weekly whatever


rap fans are nerds. they argue all day about ppl they will never meet while brow-beating each other over supposed lack of cultural knowledge. its the same as arguing about "who shot first? Han or Greedo?"(getcha Star Wars game up).

listening to a rap-nerd debate is quite amusing. especially if the debating parties have been drinking. voices raise and incoherent half-assed renditions of Hip-Hop classics are recited

the same cat that will denounce Lil Wayne will go on to tell u that the Gza is the greatest lyricist of all time. "u ain't got that Liquid Swords, kid? u illin,son."

the same goes for the Martian's disciples when it comes to understanding the realm beyond swag.

and fuck swag btw.


i always find it amusing when new rappers go at each other instead of, u know, furthering their careers. back in the day there would be a B-side single released against your opponent but there was very little chance u would actually meet face to face. the late 90's and early 2000's brought about the mixtape format. now, in 2008, the new way of proving ur gangsta is by......blogging. ugh.

now i don't advocate fisticuffs of any sort and Lord knows Hip-Hop doesn't need anymore negative press but blogging about beef? a simple 4-minute dis track will suffice, ladies and gentlemen. no 4,000 word essays and youtube videos, please.

and for the 6,345,629th time, lay offa Soulja Boy, ppl.
do i have any of his music on my hard-drive? no. is his brand of music for me? no. do i hate the mention of his name and curse the day he was born and blame him for the disappointing sales of rappers more lyrical than he is? no.

the kids like him. that's why he's a mega-super-kajillionaire. there isn't a conspiracy against ur favorite rapper. nor do i believe he is masterminding the demise of a culture thats been around longer than his moms. THE.KIDS.LIKE.HIM. its that simple.

the bottom line is everyone needs to find their own lane. i'm broker than every rapper i listen to but that has no bearing on how i view them. i'm just trying to find my lane and floor it.

"......i'm just saying-shit don't stink if u don't smell it"

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